Susan Miller Office

Blue Stone Counseling provides services for adolescents and adults who are experiencing symptoms of anxiety and/or depression, feeling isolated, having difficulties in relationships, or just wrestling with a transition in life.


How To Begin

A potential client can schedule an intake appointment by calling the business number or contacting Blue Stone by email. During the intake appointment we will talk about what is bringing a client into counseling and consider area resources and the client’s needs before moving forward to develop a treatment plan. A typical treatment plan includes setting goals and outcomes for the counseling process and then meeting regularly to learn and practice new strategies for coping, work on problem solving, or reframing thoughts and beliefs. Therapy is a dynamic, collaborative process that is completed as a client completes goals and reaches outcomes that reflect improvement and wellness. Each person's experience is tailored individually and therefore reflects their own unique expression of growth and change.


Rates For Services

  • Intake: $125 (90 Minutes)
  • Counseling Session: $75/hour

No Insurance accepted. Payment expected at time of service. Cash, check or credit card accepted.




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